Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank you to all our friends for celebrating with us Christian's 1st Birthday

Yesterday my family and I were totally blessed from all the love, prayers, and support that we received from our friends on Christian's first birthday. This is how yesterday went...First, I posted about Christian and the new pictures my sister got for me of him on this blog. Then I got a little rose potted in soil to plant in honor and remembrance of our baby boy from my friend, Terri, who had a precious, healthy son the same day that I birthed Christian. My children also gave me cards and a framed picture of Christian. Then, I had to go to work. A little later, I came out of a meeting and there were two beautiful bouquets of flowers waiting for me from the Wulffs and Jolings which allowed me to share with some at work the hope we have in Christ. After I got off work, my friend, April, took me to the speech tournament so I could be there for the last couple hours. But first we went to Christian's grave. His stone is in now and beautiful. it came just in time for his birthday. April surprised me with a birthday cake for him and a 1 year old candle. We sang Happy Birthday in the dark, took pictures, cried and gave thanks for what God has done through his little life. When I got to the speech tournament there was around 50 roses and little cards with money wrapped around each rose which added up to $107. I was so blessed and I am amazed at God's goodness and the love of the body of Christ. Thank you Carla, Tami, and all my dear friends who took the time to think of us, pray, hug us, write a note, or give a rose during the busy 1st day of a speech tournament. You are all godly examples of who I want to be like. Then I got home and received all kinds of email and Facebook notes full of encouragement and love. There are to many people to name but please know that each of you are treasured in my heart and I love you dearly. I know we are not the only family to have had a loved one die but you have sure made us feel that extra special love. We anticipate our great eternal future in the Kingdom of God where we will all be with those loved ones worshiping our awesome God, feasting and celebrating at His banqueting table. Every day will be a celebration. Please take comfort, all you who are hurting, in Christ and the hope that He has provided. May He give you peace that passes all understanding.

With love and in Christ alone,
Jodi and Family


Jopics said...

Love you and your family so much!!! You are always in my prayers.

Troy Anderson said...

I love you Jodi. You continue to amaze me by your strength and quite resolve to surrender to God's work in your life. Your testimony continues to point to Christ. I am grateful to be called your brother.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mom,
Your son and my brother, is so cute. I know that he will be with Jesus for eternity. It is so cool. I can't wait to see him again. I love you mom!

Happy Birthday Christian! I love you!!! :) And MISS you tons!
your big sis,


P.S. I love the pictures!