Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Christian!

Today is my sweet baby, Christian Covenant Kruse's birthday. He was born into the Lord's gracious arms last year 3 weeks before his due date. He is one year old today and I celebrate the greatest gift God has given him, his new birth into the Lord's eternal kingdom. We never got to look into his eyes but we did get to hold, kiss, cuddle, and sing to him the praises of the Lord. We even have a video and his pictures. I will cherish those sweet memories till the day I die. My sister, Tami, got some new pictures of Christian touched up by that I have posted above. We are going to visit his grave today and I'm so happy because I just found out that his gravestone came in yesterday. I'll post pictures of that after we take some.

God has been amazing to us this year. We are now in a home of our own again which is a huge blessing not to be taken for granted. Hugh is still doing good as he continues to take his natural supplements and lean upon the Lord for what the doctors called "Bipolar." I don't believe he needs to be labeled with that but I bring it up because I know so many people have been diagnosed with the same thing and want them to know that God is bigger than that and can heal, restore, or just continually carry us through any challenge we face. He has also given me a job as a manager of a smoothie and supplements bar at a health club. This is also hard for I have to be away from my family so much more than I am used to but it's a huge blessing during these tough economic times. I am thankful the children are still able to homeschool and they are enjoying a speech tournament that starts today and ends on Saturday. Again, I will have to miss parts of it because of work but God has so faithfully taught me to be grateful in all things. We are not to complain but do all to the glory of God. We are never left alone without hope. There is no need to be anxious. "We can trust and obey for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey."

I am so thankful for the sermons God has blessed us with at Christ Covenant Church. My brother who is our pastor started a series on 1 Peter on January 11, 2009 which prepared us and carried us through the trials and blessings that came throughout that whole year and will continue to bless us with each year that follows, including my parents having to be gone for a year under their own trials that God is using again for His special purpose and glory. Sunday will be the last sermon of the series but what we have learned will last us for a lifetime. God's Word is our lifeline. Read it, study it, be filled with it. There is no greater joy than to hear the Word of the Lord, to read letters from your Daddy, to meditate and rejoice over the promises He has made to us, to be filled with hope and anticipation for our eternal communion with Him where we can worship Him eternally.

Thank you, Father, for creating and using our little son, Christian, for your eternal glory. Thank You for letting him be a part of our family, and especially for the covenant You made to us and to our children by sacrificing Your own dear Son, who paid the debt for our sins. I love You. Thank You for your perfect and sovereign plan. I praise You, for You are worthy. Your grace, comfort and love are more than sufficient. You take away our sorrows, You carry our burdens, You hold us in Your arms. You are a great God and Your faithfulness endures to all generations. Happy birthday, Christian. I love and miss you. I'll see you soon :)

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