Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Her Song-

I am shedding tears of longing hope to see my dearly missed baby boy after reading this song my nephew Alex Goldman wrote and and sang for me this week. Thank you, Alex. It ministered to my heart more than you could ever know. You are an incredible songwriter and an amazing musician and we are all blessed that you are using your talent for God's glory. I know it will bless anyone else who have also lost a loved one. I'll post Alex singing it as soon as he records it.
Her Song

By Alex Goldman
May 2009

A tissue box and a blue book light
Your lying awake again tonight
Asking the same old question
Can You make me see

You never wanted it this way
Hello to be goodbye one day
I'll be in eternity so
Mom hold on for me

It's been three months since she got the news
With a stiff upper and her straight laced shoes
She'll hold out as long as there's light but
Every night she cries

You know the load is to great to bear
Cast your cares on the Lord in a humble prayer
He will be your Northern Star
No matter where you are

There's not much else that I can say
You know where to go you know the way
So whenever you think of me oh
Mom have faith and pray

A tissue box and a Bible in hand
You're reading the stories of the promised land
I'll be in eternity where
You will be with me

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Hosanna said...

aww, I love that Alex! Good job!
We are praying for you all!