Saturday, February 21, 2009



Rachel Marie said...

I have to say I cried when I heard about baby Christian. I know what it is like to have a brother taken from your life...our brother Jonathan, whom we were in the process of adopting was given back to his birth mother and there is still a hole in his place.
I have read all of your family's blogs and I have to say, you have quite an amazing gift!
May God grant you patience till you can hold Christian once more.

Rachel Marie Bentham

Grandma of Many said...

Christian's Grandma Dot sure misses him. The video once again reminded me of how important life is and to spend your time enjoying what God has given you. Christian made a huge impact on many and has truly been used by God. I know I will hold my grandson once again and will look forward to that day. His 31 other cousins will play with him some day. Jodi, my sweet daugher, you are such a great mother. May God continue to give you peace.