Friday, January 30, 2009

Mommy and Daddy! "I'm Home"

Oh, it's so beautiful. I didn't know what was happening. I was afraid. Then I woke up and was being held tightly in such comforting arms. Then I heard the most beautiful voice say, "Christian Covenant Kruse, my precious child, enter into the joy of the Lord" Oh Mommy and Daddy, did I tell you how beautiful it is here? God is so beautiful! He is explaining to me how he is the creator of everything. He told me he created all of the heavens and earth and all that has breath. God told me he has a plan for everything that he does, but he knows it is very difficult for us to understand. Oh, Mommy and Daddy, please don't worry about me. God says he brought me here for a reason. He said I was special. Did you hear that Mommy and Daddy? I'm special and he has a plan for me. Please, Mommy and Daddy, can I stay here? Did I tell you how beautiful it is? I see every color of the rainbow. I hear such beautiful music. I see tens of thousands of angels. I can see forever. I see such a bright light from afar. It has a beautiful radianace and seems to be getting closer. God told me not to be afraid. He said that he is with me. God says that many have come before me. They are all precious souls who tried to be obedient to God while on earth. But I asked God, Why me? He said, my precious child, you will soon see the reason why I brought you here. Oh, Mommy and Daddy, did I tell you how beautiful it is here? That glowing light, it seems to be getting closer and closer. God told me again, do not be afraid. I can see forever. There are fountains flowing everywhere and there is music and singing. Oh please, Mommy and Daddy, can I stay here? That glowing light is now so close. Please God, tell me my purpose in heaven. My dear precious child, I have brought you here for a very special reason. Don't be afraid. That beautiful light, it is upon us now. It has a radiance of gold, silver and all of the the colors of the rainbow. It's so beautiful. I see angels. I see two angels with their arms extended towards me. Do not be afraid, my child. These are two of my most precious angels. They were your Mommy's Grandpa and Grandma. They were known on earth as Grandpa Great and Grandma Great. They were so full of love for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It was time for them to enter heaven, but they did so with a heavy heart because of the loved ones they knew they were leaving behind. My dear precious child, do you understand now why you are here. I think I do. Oh Mommy and Daddy, can I stay here? Can I please be their great grandchild in heaven, please. I think they need me as much as I need them. Oh, Grandma Great just picked me up and is holding me so tight in here arms. Grandpa Great is now holding me. I already feel so loved. They make me feel so special. Oh, I love it here. I think Grandma Great is singing to me but I don't hear any words. Oh, Grandma Great just whispered to me that she is humming. Grandpa Great is so funny. Oh, Mommy and Daddy, please can I stay? They said that they will watch over me until you get here. They seem so happy now. I know I'm supposed to be here. God says that you will talk to me every day through prayer. I love you both so much. Oh, Mommy and Daddy, I'm Home!

[written by Bob Thorp (also known, as "Uncle Bob")]


Grandma of Many said...

Bob - thank you so much for the beautiful post! My heart is heavy with tears after reading it but so comforted in the perspective of the baby being with Mom and Dad. Did I ever say how much I love you. Your sister, Dottie (Christian's Grandma Dot)

Jodi Kruse said...

Uncle Bob, I love you. Thank you. You will never realize how much this letter means to me. What a peaceful joy we can have in the midst of our sorrow here. I rejoice in knowing the truth in what you wrote and the hope of our whole family being together once again, in God's house, feasting at His banqueting table and worshiping Him forever and ever.
Love, Jodi

Ginger said...

Bob, I cherished every word you wrote. They truly are wonderous words of wisdom, from your heart and all telling of how Great a God we have. The faith shared that his arms were there waiting for Christian when he came home. I do believe Christian is in the care and arms of God and his special Angels Grandma Great and Grandpa Great and Grandma Marie; each tenderly holding him for his mommy and daddy. Joyous tears are streaming down my face just thinking how sweet it is for Christian to be home, listening to our prayers and now forever enjoying his special place with God. Precious.....loving....and peaceful in his Spirit.

Chelsea Pang said...

I was introduced to your new blog by my cousin, Michelle. You are in my prayers and you're testament is beautiful and God is present and glorified.