Friday, January 30, 2009

A Letter from Christian-

Mommy, oh, I wish you could see
The pretty place made for me.
The streets are made with shiny gold
And the gates with fancy things.

I get to drink from a sparkling river
And eat from the tree of life.
I get to sing with angels
And dance for Jesus Christ.

There is no night to bring the dark.
And I never get afraid.
The angels sit and read me stories
Of what Jesus did for me!

I am invited to every party.
And I cheer and cheer and cheer.
Because that is when we celebrate
A new name written here.

Mommy, when I sit in my room
I often think of you.
I'm excited for the moment
That I can share with you.

I'll show you all the pictures I've drawn
Of the mansion Jesus made for me,
The pictures of the choir of angels
Singing to give God glory.

All the hugs we never shared
I'll give you someday soon.
Thank you, Mommy, for loving me.
Please know I love you too.


[written by Leslie Reavely]

1 comment:

Christina said...

Beautiful. Absolutely.