Tuesday, February 3, 2009


At last we meet again, dear God
Hear the angels sing
The funerals are nicer when we know you're there
When the angels sing
Sometimes I try so hard
To understand the things you do
Who am I to question you
When it all comes down
Hear the angels sing
Stand up strong feel the pain
When the angels sing
Love and death don't mean a thing
Till the angels sing

By Social Distortion 
-Posted by Travis Thorp-
Febuary 2 2009


Jodi Kruse said...

Thank you, Travis for this beautiful poem. I love our family so much. You all have been a great comfort and encouragement to us during this time and we look forward to eternity when we get to ALL be together in the presence of our loving and merciful Father God, praising Him forever for His goodness and holiness. I am so glad that you were able to be at Christian's funeral with us. Keep writing. God has given you a gift for it :) Love your cousin, Jodi

T blog said...

i'm afraid i didn't write it. its the 1st verse and chorus of a song by social distortion. mike ness the lead singer and song writer wrote it when his grandmother passed away. i felt it was fitting for christian.

Vickie said...

Thanks Travis for the nice song you posted for Christian. I'm sure it was touching for the Kruse family...