Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hi everyone. Today my brother Jonathan asked me, " Where's my baby brother?" I said, "He is in the Kingdom." Then he asked, "Why do when we just borned him he went to heaven?" I said, " Because God want's to hold him right now." Just like my mom said he would of been 4 months old today. My youngest sibling is 4 years old, Jonathan. My mom said some people don't even get to hold there own precious baby. So I was blessed to hold him in my arms. My mom has been thinking about him alot these last two days, and crying alot. Please pray for her. I love you Mom and Christian. I will see you soon Christian. Love you.

love, your big sister,



Grandma of Many said...

Out of the mouths of babes comes so much truth. Thank you Mercy for such a beautiful post in honor of your Mom and brothers, Jonathan and Christian. Thank you for requesting prayer for your Mom and know that I am praying for her and the whole family.

Christian Covenant Kruse said...

Thank you, my dear sweet Mercy. You continually live up to your name chosen by God. You are such a comfort to me. You show mercy and compassion to all that are hurting and are always trying to help and comfort. I love you and praise Gd for every day I get to see, hug, and talk with you. You are a blessing beyond words and Christian is going to love being with you one day. Love, Mommy.

cassie loves penguins said...

That is so sweet Mercy.Love you so much, you have been such a nice cousin, I can't wait to see little christian too. Love,